Hello! We are Eduarda and Mafalda, twin sisters that love to work together and aspire to find the perfect match between customers and suppliers for key

product ranges. We put to good use the knowledge acquired and the relationships we have established over the years.

Our agency, Perfect Fit Services was launched in 2011, and since then we have been working with different customers in several countries.

Mainly we work in two key industries, baby products and textile/fashion.

We have 20 years combined experience, working in multicultural situations and in different parts of the value chain.


In the baby products industry, who needs our services?

Major brands that want to expand into the European market, either establishing a distribution network, or reaching retailers directly.


In the textile industry, who needs our services?

Major brands and other retailers who need to source the best manufactures, and textile manufacturers who wish to develop their customer base.


We aim to work in a personalized manner and not with a “one size fits all” approach. For us, each customer is a unique partner with different

requirements and needs. Our flexible approach gives our partners the opportunity to choose the level of support required.

We pride ourselves on the trust and added value our contribution gives to our partners and this is the reason we are their “Perfect Fit”!

Sourcing of garment manufacturers in Portugal, of denim, jersey, knitwear, shirts, dresses for women, men, children and babies.
Quality control and technical assistance.
Working at various levels of the product value chain (sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, retail and consumer) using a multilingual and experienced team.
Strategic and carefully chosen partnerships. Personalised and flexible service.
Development of new markets.
Consultancy and market research.
Brand representation in the baby product industry.

We will enjoy being your partner! Let’s have a chat.

Office Address

Calçada Conde de Tomar, 33B | 1495-201 Cruz Quebrada – Dafundo | PORTUGAL


+351 914 312 653



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